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  • Includes a Live Web Event on 01/18/2024 at 2:00 PM (EST)

    1.50 Live Webinar CLE Credit: There is a significant relationship between animal cruelty and other violence, including organized crime, human trafficking, gangs, and intimate partner/child abuse. Largely because of this link, acts of animal abuse are now tracked alongside felony crimes like arson, assault, and homicide in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s criminal database. Join Erin Aiello, an Assistant District Attorney in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and a Law Enforcement Trainer with the Humane Society of the United States, as she focuses on interpersonal violence prosecutions and reviews unique considerations in animal abuse cases and strategies for a multidisciplinary approach to help keep people and their pets safe.

  • Includes a Live Web Event on 12/13/2023 at 2:00 PM (EST)

    1.25 Live Webinar CLE Credit: The service of justice is a team effort and communication is the oxygen of teamwork. When communication breaks down, a team breaks down. In this session we will discuss obstacles to effective communication between justice partners – police, prosecutors, and other stakeholders – and identify strategies and techniques to overcome those barriers.

  • Includes a Live Web Event on 12/12/2023 at 2:00 PM (EST)

    1.00 Live Webinar CLE Credit: Leadership is not just a title, it is an action. The earlier an organization develops future leaders by empowering people to take on responsibility and learn coaching techniques, the better the overale morale and competency of an office. Promoting teamwork and encouraging individual leadership skill building will benefit everyone, including the victims and communities we serve.

  • 1.25 On-Demand Webinar CLE Credit: Cellular telephones, social media, and other digital information play a daily role in the lives of almost every person. The ever-ubiquitous smart phone. A wealth of information at your fingertips and wealth of data in the records. Join NDAA and Nicholas Falcicchio for a 75-minute presentation discussing what call detail records (CDR) analysis can and cannot do for you. This is a webinar to help you understand what is available from the records as well as how to use them in court. There will be a Q&A at the end. This training is part of the Innovate 360 Series, which covers emergent technology, issues, and ideas.

  • 1.50 On-Demand: Gang cases are some of the most difficult cases to prosecute. From uncooperative witness to jury nullification there are many factors making gang crimes extremely challenging. Join NDAA and Assistant State’s Attorney, Thomas Darman, for a 90-minute webinar designed to help you to organize, strategize, and successfully prosecute the most complex of gang cases.

  • In-Person CLE Credit (May 15 - 17, 2024 in Bar Harbor, ME): This unique in-person three-day event will take place in beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine and will offer participants opportunities to learn from experts in secondary trauma, resilience building, and peer support. If you are interested in standing up or supporting a well-being initiative in your office, this conference will give you the tools to do so. The course will provide CLE credits, teach practical skills, and offer opportunities to engage in activities in Maine's scenic outdoors. Join us and unwind, learn, be inspired, and recharge your prosecutor battery!

  • 1.00 On-Demand Webinar CLE Credit: Commercial Driver License holders have the privilege of operating 80,000-pound vehicles, and with that privilege comes greater training, licensing expectations and responsibility. This training will focus on the consequences of a conviction, specifically a felony conviction, on a CDL holder’s driving record and how a complete driving record fulfills the “One Driver-One License-One Record” concept. It’s important to realize that if the defendant is charged with a felony and holds a CDL, there may be important consequences to his or her CDL, including disqualification of the license.

  • 1.50 On-Demand Webinar CLE Credit: A Google Reverse Location Search (Geofence) is a multi-step search warrant and analysis process that can generate powerful leads. With an increasing number of detectives using this investigative tool, it is important to have a deep understanding of how these warrants work, especially considering the challenges they are facing in court. Attendees will be introduced to the search warrant and analysis process, and the anonymized data provided to law enforcement. Other challenges and controversy surrounding geofence warrants, like Google’s rejection of the warrants, will also be discussed.

  • In-Person CLE Credit (July 15 - 16, 2024 in Boise, ID): The 2024 NDAA Summer Summit is dedicated to exploring “The Prosecutor’s Blueprint to Safeguard Victims and Elevate Their Voices through Enhanced Prosecution, Protection, and Prevention Strategies.” Together, we will develop actionable strategies that ensure victims are at the heart of every legal process. Join us in shaping a justice system that safeguards victims, amplifies their voices, and prevents future victimization.

  • In-Person (January 29 - 30, 2024 in Washington, DC): Coinciding with the 118th Congress, NDAA’s annual policy conference gives you the opportunity to hear directly from Administration, Federal agency and Capitol Hill speakers over the course of two days. On day one, you’ll be treated to presentations from influential Members of Congress as well as key stakeholders in President Biden’s administration. Following a full day of presentations, you will then have the chance to schedule a full slate of meetings with your Congressional delegation.