On-Demand: Mastering Masking


On-Demand Course: Mastering Masking
120-minute presentation | CLE: 2 Credit Hours
Cost: Free 

Federal and most state law prohibits the “Masking” of convictions. Misconceptions continue to persist surrounding this statute’s mandate requiring the reporting of CDL/CMV violations and convictions and prosecutors’ discretion to negotiate these cases.

This online training course, developed by national experts in cooperation with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the National District Attorneys Association’s National Traffic Law Center, and the National Center for State Courts, is for new and practicing prosecutors, as well as other traffic safety professionals who desire to learn more about the legal and ethical consequences of plea negotiations involving commercial driver’s license (CDL) cases. This FREE training course is designed to equip prosecutors with the knowledge, information, and confidence necessary to effectively prosecute CDL and/or large commercial motor vehicle (CMV) cases. The course walks the learner through a first-person simulation of prosecuting the fictional traffic case of a CDL holder. The training uses a case file, interactive exercises, document mock-ups, and avatar voiceovers to bring the course content to life.

Completion of all slides of the content module along with successfully passing a knowledge assessment quiz earns the learner a certificate of completion. This training is self-paced, allowing the learner to move at their own pace to complete the content module in one sitting or via multiple sessions. Estimated time for course completion: approx. 1.5 – 2 hours.

NOTE: Consult the FAQ page for helpful instructions prior to starting this course.

Course module topics include:


Masking and Ethics




Course Module

Final Assessment

Course Evaluation

Completion Rules

All units must be completed

Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever


Attendees should check the CLE tab for updates on which jurisdictions have approved the course for CLE credit. General questions or additional information regarding CLE credit can be directed to Courtney Jan.


Please contact NTLC Senior Attorney, Jim Camp.

Jim Camp

Senior Attorney

National District Attorneys Association

Jim Camp is a Senior Attorney with the National Traffic Law Center, focusing on Commercial Driver’s License related topics. 

A nationally recognized authority on traffic safety, trial advocacy, law enforcement and prosecution issues, he is an in demand motivational and subject matter expert speaker. Jim served 17 years as Elected District Attorney in Wisconsin, and 9 years as Assistant District Attorney General and Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor in Tennessee, with more than 33 years of experience as a trial lawyer.

Mr. Camp has educated and provided authoritative advice to and for law enforcement, staff and command, prosecutors, legislators, committees, boards, traffic safety partners and private industry nationally. He has authored numerous articles on impaired driving and trial advocacy, and over twenty-four thousand have heard him speak.

Aaron Ann Cole-Funfsinn

Staff Attorney

National District Attorneys Association

Aaron Ann Cole-Funfsinn is honored to be a member of the Traffic Team at the NDAA’s National Traffic Law Center. Aaron Ann was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky.  She left the Bluegrass State to attend the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and then moved to Chicago to attend Loyola University Chicago School of Law.  Upon her graduation in 2008, Aaron Ann began working as a criminal prosecutor at the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, where she clerked throughout law school.  After prosecuting countless cases, Aaron Ann returned to Kentucky in 2012 and practiced administrative and civil law before returning to her roots in the Special Prosecutions Unit at the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office.  In 2016, she became an Assistant Commonwealth Attorney with the Fayette County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office and was eventually appointed to the Special Victim’s Unit.  After, she joined the Kentucky State Police (KSP) as an Attorney in the Office of Legal Services to teach at the Academy and advocate for KSP.  In August 2019, Aaron Ann was appointed as the law enforcement-focused Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor (TSRP) based at KSP.  There, she worked tirelessly to develop traffic-based trainings for law enforcement and prosecutors.  Aaron Ann is a member of the Kentucky CDL Advisory Committee and the Kentucky CDL Outreach Project.  

2022 Course Approved CLE States: Mastering Masking

For any questions or the course activity number, please contact Project Coordinator, Courtney Jan.

Alabama – 2.00 CLE Credits 

California – Pending state approval

Colorado – 2.00 CLE Credits 

Delaware – 2.00 CLE Credits 

Florida – Pending state approval

Georgia – 2.00 CLE Credits 

Hawaii – 2.00 CLE Credits 

Idaho – 2.00 CLE Credits (0.75 which is Ethics) 

Indiana – 2.00 CLE Credits (0.7 which is Ethics) 

Iowa – 2.00 CLE Credits (0.5 which is Ethics)

Kansas – Pending state approval 

Kentucky – 2.00 CLE Credits

Louisiana – Pending state approval 

Maine – 2.00 CLE Credits

Minnesota – Pending state approval

Mississippi – Pending state approval

Montana – 2.00 CLE Credits (.75 which is Ethics) 

Nebraska – 2.00 CLE Credits (1.00 which is Ethics) 

Nevada – 2.00 CLE Credits

New Jersey – 2.00 CLE Credits

New Mexico – 1.90 CLE Credits (.60 which is Ethics) 

North Carolina – Pending

Ohio – 2.00 Credits

Oregon – 1.50 CLE Credits (0.50 which is Ethics) 

Pennsylvania – 2.00 CLE Credits 

South Carolina – 2.00 CLE Credits 

Tennessee – 1.83 CLE Credits ( 0.83 which is Ethics) 

Texas – 2.00 CLE Credits (0.75 which is Ethics)

Utah – 2.00 CLE Credits

Vermont – 2.00 CLE Credits

Virginia – Pending state approval

Washington – 2.00 Approved

West Virginia – 2.40 CLE Credits 

Wyoming – 2.00 CLE Credits

Technical Requirements
  • Computer Platform: This training website and all course materials are accessible from most connected devices capable of accessing the internet, including most computers, tablets, and mobile devices. The optimum user experience is likely to be had via computer.
  • Web Browser: This training website and all course materials are supported by most modern web browsers. Where individual user discretion is allowed, Google Chrome is the preferred web browser for providing the greatest user experience.
  • Additional Applications: Course Certificates as well as some training materials are provided in PDF format and require access to Adobe Reader or a web browser or other application capable of opening PDF documents.
Pop-Up Windows
  • Some training modules in our courses may open up in a pop-up window or new browser window. Be sure to disable any pop-up blocking on your web browser prior to beginning your training.
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  • Note: Only one module pop-up window may be open at a time. Close module pop-up windows by either clicking the "x" out button on the pop-up browser window, or by clicking the "exit" button on the course module's main menu.
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Certificates are awarded to learners who complete the training course. Upon successful completion of all course requirements, which depending on the requirements for the course, may include viewing of slides, completion of modules and/or quizzes, or the submission of assignments, you will have access to the last module which allows you to download your certificate or print your PDF certificate. If the state you practice in is not pre-approved, please download the 'General Certificate.'

If you already completed the course and looking to download your certificate, please reach out to Project Coordinator, Courtney Jan to verify your course completion and she will send your certificate. 

Started the course already?

If you started the course in our previous platform, please note you will need to restart the course in our new platform.


Please contact NTLC Staff Attorney, Jim Camp.


4 Questions  |  1 attempt  |  0/14 points to pass
4 Questions  |  1 attempt  |  0/14 points to pass Before we begin this training, lets see what you already know about masking and related topics by answering a few questions. The test contains 4 questions.
Mastering Masking
Begin self-paced component package.
Begin self-paced component package. Federal and most state law prohibits the “masking” of convictions. Misconceptions continue to persist surrounding this statute’s mandate requiring the reporting of CDL/CMV violations and convictions and prosecutors’ discretion to negotiate these cases. Learners will appreciate how the enforcement of this and other regulations combine to reduce injury and death by keeping unsafe commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders off the roads and assuring that each driver has one driver’s license and one complete driver’s record. Participants will be able to: • Understand the Federal definition of “Masking,” “Conviction” and “Disqualification” pursuant to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations • Learn about the ethical consequences of Masking Estimated time for course completion: approx. 1.5 hours
Final Assessment
10 Questions  |  1 attempt  |  7/22 points to pass
10 Questions  |  1 attempt  |  7/22 points to pass The test contains 10 questions
8 Questions
8 Questions Thank you for taking the National Traffic Law Center’s course on Mastering Masking! Your time and participation are greatly valued. Please take the time to complete the following evaluation. This survey has 9 questions.
2.00 CLE credits  |  Certificate available
2.00 CLE credits  |  Certificate available