CrimeCon, Citizen Journalists and Investigative Social Media – Considerations in the Age of True Crime Sensationalism


On-Demand Webinar: CrimeCon, Citizen Journalists and Investigative Social Media – Considerations in the Age of True Crime Sensationalism

90-minute presentation 

CrimeCon is an annual event aimed at bringing together the true crime community by featuring the latest cases, scientific techniques, podcasters, doctors, and more. CrimeCon is just one example of how much true crime sensationalism has grown. This genre raises the question: how is society’s seeming infatuation with true crime really impacting our cases?  Pulling from their own experiences, Special Assistant Rachel Smith and Prosecutor Rob Wood explore the potential implications of true crime sensationalism and offer suggestions about how to limit negative legal impacts . This is a webinar you will not want to miss!


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This course was originally recorded on July 6, 2023.

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Recorded 07/06/2023  |  90 minutes
Recorded 07/06/2023  |  90 minutes
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