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  • 2 CLE Credit Hours: Federal and most state law prohibits the “masking” of convictions. Misconceptions continue to persist surrounding this statute’s mandate requiring the reporting of CDL/CMV violations and convictions and prosecutors’ discretion to negotiate these cases. Learners will appreciate how the enforcement of this and other regulations combine to reduce injury and death by keeping unsafe commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders off the roads and assuring that each driver has one driver’s license and one complete driver’s record.

  • The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced a final rule that imposes a lifetime ban on drivers who are convicted of a severe form of human trafficking in a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) from operating a CMV. This training course will educate learners about the lifetime ban.

CVSA Strategies and Resources to Improve Safety and Increase CDL Compliance

CDL Masking: One Driver One License One Record

  • CDL Masking PPT
    Jim Camp & Aaron Ann Cole-Funfsinn
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  • CDL/CMV Disqualification Benchcard
    Jim Camp & Aaron Ann Cole-Funfsinn
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  • Roadside to Record Video Series
    NTLC’s video series, “From Roadside to Record,” produced with funding from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, is perfect for use in CDL related training. They focus on enforcing, prosecuting and adjudicating CDL traffic stops in accordance with federal and state regulations.
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Human Trafficking & Implications for the CDL Holder

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